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    October 21, 2016

    It's been a while since this page was updated. A lot has happened

    Much in life doesn't turn out as you planned. Well, here's one thing that has for my wife and I. One of my happiest moments was when, many years ago, my bride told me that when the time comes to retire, she wanted us to move to the Myrtle Beach area, where many of my family have lived since before the Revolutionary War. Here it is decades later, retirement time came, we moved to North Myrtle Beach in 2013, and there's no place we'd rather be. Neither one of us has retired, though. Kathy still teaches every semester, and I'm helping folks learn how to profit from the changing future of money. Empowering people fits very well with my continuing efforts to help change the way that politics is done. Tom Hoefling asked me to be his VP running mate this year, and I said yes because of what I've learned about him since we met as supporters of Alan Keyes for President in 2007. We've participated together in town-hall-style political conference calls virtually every week during that period, and we've come to know each other's perspective on a wide range of public policy matters. More importantly is that we agree with every part of the platform presented at http://www.selfgovernment.us -- please check out http://www.tomhoefling.com and, every day between now and the election, urge at least five others to do the same. Every indicator I've seen shows that the majority of US citizens are quite disappointed at the nominees of the two dominant parties. Can Tom and I get the tens of millions of votes needed to win? Well, maybe your help will mean the difference between yea or nay.

    Oh, and in your free time, take a few minutes to sign up for free account at http://www.cryptocurrency.academy. My motto for that is "Earn Faster Than You Learn".

    May 27, 2012

    Steve's comment on LA Times article titled 'Target of Maryland abortion protesters turns tables on them'

    The pictures of aborted babies are awful because of the murders they document. If you hate the pictures, but enable the murders, what's up with that? 

    Here in Maryland, our Governor thinks that the state law (which said the only marriages recognized in Maryland are those between one man and one woman) is unconstitutional, so he instructed all state agencies to follow the Constitution (as interpreted by state Attorney General's opinion on the matter) rather than follow the unconstitutional longstanding law. I disagree with the Governor about marriage, but I do agree that every official has obligation to support the Constitution. This principle could allow us to shut down every abortion facility today. The 14th Amendment is clear in saying that no person shall be deprived of their life without due process. That the most tiny human individuals are persons is as self-evident as any of the self-evident truths identified in our Declaration of Independence. Even little children immediately understand that these babies are persons, and that's why the pro-abortionists want to keep the awful photos away from children.

    America's Party wants principled candidates to be a choice on every ballot. Our presidential candidate -- Tom Hoefling of Iowa -- is the only presidential candidate to be listed as a Tier 1 Personhood supporter on American Right to Life's "Prolife Profiles" page

    Source: http://discussions.latimes.com/20/lanews/la-na-abortion-battle-20120527/10

    March 4, 2012 Steve Schulin digest

    - - - posts and comments to America's Party News

    * Young evangelicals can't find candidate who speaks to them

    * Marylanders - please support H.J. Res 12 (urges repeal of section 1021 of federal NDAA)

    * The Problems with Open Primaries (reply)

    * Minnesota children - deaths in day care rising sharply

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    * Fox News is so far in the tank for Romney that its reporters will soon have to wear snorkels, sez FReeper bit.ly/wz3VC3 #tcot

    * ... the real political battle isn't Ds v Rs but govt insiders v public: "Two parties against the people" - #tcot thanx Michael Goodwin, NYP

    * #tcot Join me at National Leadership Round Table - LIVE NOW - Dial in 218-936-4343, code 340794#

    * Sign on Truman's desk: The buck stops here. Idea for sign to send to Obama: The buck stops with Bush #tcot thanx to FReeper tumblindice

    * opposing homosexual Leftists pushing for para-constitutional non-existant so-called "rights" based on behavior choices bit.ly/xDmRlo

    * Maryland - Comptroller Franchot likens our legislature to folks who win lottery & squander it all bsun.md/zLjpco #tcot thanx @MDPolicy

    * America's Party News is out! bit.ly/rRJ2Xk - Top stories today via @cerebralcutlass @savvyconsumer7 @tildology @jillstanek

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    * America is primed to become the largest energy producer in the world, w/ all the money, jobs & benefits that come w/ it bit.ly/yyw1Aa

    * Throwing another lifeline to another Kim - nuclear*com daily show talkshoe.com/tc/95348 - free podcast subscribe #nuclear #tcot

    * nuclear.com Daily is out! bit.ly/rQPlnN - Top stories today via @ans_org @recklessintent8 @christinamac1

    * New glossary entry today: V2G - Vehicle-to-grid (selling electricity stored in your car battery) nuclear.com/glossary-acron...

    - - - tweets via @calamitology

    * Climate change is a "slow-moving catastrophe" and "the fundamental issue of our day", said NRG Energy CEO David Crane bit.ly/zr1z3k

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    November 15, 2009

    I send out a variety of topical info-nuggets pretty regularly via Twitter. My main ID there is RockvilleSteve.

    April 12, 2008

    "Unbelievable" - that's how the lady in spot next to mine in parking lot this evening described the cloud cover here near the Shady Grove station on the Washington, D.C. Metrorail's Red Line. I had come to similar conclusion a few minutes prior, and had snapped these photos.

    March 31, 2008

    Hello and welcome.

    I'm Steve Schulin. Before the web, I ran a dial-in BBS for subscribers to the nuclear power plant radiation protection newsletter I published, called Radiological Inspection Reports. When the internet was opened up for email domains, I was delighted to add that feature to the BBS. My first choice for domain name was rad.com, but that was already taken. So I thought about it for about a week, and decided on nuclear.com, which was available. That was in the early 1990s. Now that every word in the dictionary has reportedly long been registered, I feel very lucky indeed to have been one of the early adopters. I still spend most of my time on things nuclear, but I registered some other domains in 2008, and this site points to them all.

    * MarylandIndependentParty.org - The dominant political parties have failed, miserably, in leadership. I wanted to help ensure Alan Keyes was a choice on the ballot in my state, as others were across the nation. I invite all of good will and judgement to consider joining our new party. In Maryland, that new party is the Maryland Independent Party, and I'm happy to be providing the party's initial web presence. We need 10,000 signatures on a petition to get our party recognized by the state. If you're a registered voter in Maryland, please go here, get the petition, complete it (and get others to sign it too), and mail it in to the address on the petition. There are quite few other domain names that resolve to this site, including AIP-MD.org, md2010.net, MarylandCool.org, and even ctv76.com (that last one used to be the domain for Prince George's County public access cable TV station).

    * md4steve.org - I started this page when our MD4 district Congressman, Rep. Albert Wynn, decided to move on with his life and resign his seat in the U.S. House. I was a registered write-in candidate in the special election on June 17, 2008 and again registered as a candidate in the November 2008 general election. I've taken Alan Keyes' message to heart: these are extraordinary times, and all of us who want future generations to enjoy the blessings of liberty need to ask ourselves what we can personally do, and then do what we can. I want our new party to identify and help elect a candidate who shares my values. I ask for your help in supporting such a candidate.

    * CompleatAdvocate.com - This is a public policy discussion board. The name continues in the tradition of Isaak Walton's book on fishing and the environment, titled "The Compleat Angler". Our debate team at The Catholic University of America became quite active in serving high school debate. One year, we decided to try writing a handbook to introduce students to the coming year's topic. When it came to selecting a title, my suggestion of "The Compleat Medical Advocate" was adopted. The following year, we published "The Compleat Energy Advocate". I could not believe the awful spam that this site attracted, so if you want posting privileges, call or email me directly to get a user ID/password.

    * Calamitology.com - I was a debater in high school and college. At that time, the role of particulate air pollution in an impending global cooling was source of much more immediate emphasis than was the role of CO2 in sooner or later warming the climate. I read as much as I could find in the libraries on the subject during those years, and continued to read the occasional climatology articles in Science and such when I was out in the working world. When George W. Bush took office in 2001, two of his cabinet were quite vocal about the threat posed by CO2, and it was this which prompted me to want to better understand the scientific basis for their policy recommendations. I spent thousands of hours over the next several years studying climate science, and I concluded that there's been a lot of exaggerations and other lies being told, some out of ignorance and others apparently quite purposefully. I became one of the "regulars" in the sci.environment usenet group. Calamitology.com is where I plan to highlight some of the memorable discussion, as well as comment on new developments in the literature.

    * Schulin.net - if you're a Schulin, you can have a free email forwarding address @schulin.net

    * nuclearwaist.com - Nuclear waste is a pretty serious matter, but a nuclear waist, well, that's different.

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